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    August 20th, 2010

    Love serendipity.  Was on Swiss Air skimming their inflight magazine’s article on “10+2 Years of Aviation in Switzerland”, and paused at the entry for 10/10/10.  (1910, that is.)

    To paraphrase: Ernest Failloubaz acquires the brevet no. 100 on 10/10/10 by flying for approximately 10+1 hour aboard a Bleriot XI (or 10+1 + 100), thereby setting a record.  A hat tip to the August 2010 Swiss Magazine.

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    Eames House: Stepping Back

    August 2nd, 2010

    Stepping back, we see our Roman numerals for what they are: X-trusses visible on the front of the Eames House (white) and Studio (blue).  There are actually only two, not three.  The change in scale lets us identify the objects–and notice that the two white X-trusses are actually the same: the left hand image is an early shot from when the House was still under construction; the right hand image was taken many years later.

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    Eames House: Welcome to 10/10/10

    August 2nd, 2010

    10 10 10 - Closeup

    Charles and Ray Eameses’ iconic home and studio is their deeply personal solution to the challenge thrown down by John Entenza and his Case Study program: How to create a house for modern needs, using modern materials and practices… Their 1949 solution was elegantly simple, and effortlessly timeless.

    Having lived in the Studio for one magical year, and as the Board member in charge of the House Preservation, I look forward to exploring scale in the context of the Eames House as we celebrate the powers of ten, 10/10/10 or use our own Roman equivalent.

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