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Ribbon of pink

A ribbon of bright pink has been streaming along the street below my loft in Denver for the past hour. My black standard poodle, Ella, and I cheered those walking by—nearing the finish line. A cluster of four proudly announced that each member had raised $1,000 (10+03) for the cure; $1,000,000 (10+06) raised in a single [...]

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Tons of Color

Crayons–what happens to them once they become teeny bits of their former selves? Yesterday, Daily Grommet posted a video about Earthling Crayons which has recycled 55,000 pounds of crayons–that’s about 27 tons of used crayons! Sounds like a lot until you hear that 12 million (10+07) crayons are made each day in the U.S.! Really, 60 [...]

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How a scale model can help…

A scale model can help us grasp our world around us.  Whether it is a globe of the world 10+7, or a model train 10-2, scale models can be helpful and fun. For product design, it helps in the development of the prototype. For sculpture, it helps a client understand what the commission will look [...]

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the beauty of repetition in design…

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Model Railroading 10-0

Here is railroading at 10-0. This is an example of a GP38 locomotive – some basic facts: 4 axles on the rails 16 clinders in the prime mover (railroad speak for the diesel engine) 706 Examples built by General Electric Locomotive Division 2,000 Horsepower 58,000 lbs of pulling force 250,000 lbs average unit weight. A massive [...]

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What!?! A chair too tiny for a dust mite?!?

Yes, really!  The Nano Chair–a mere 5 microns or 10-06 meters in height–is the smallest chair that I own.  Invisible to the naked eye, it continues to be invisible even when a microscope strong enough to reveal a dust mite (miniscule within the cavernous spaces of your computer’s keyboard) is trained upon it!  At only [...]

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Numbers Falling Lightly Off the Printed Page

An article in today’s New York Times Arts Section announced that the firm Diller Scofidio + Renfro will design a museum to house the contemporary art collection [2,000 (2 x 10+03) pieces] of Eli Broad in Los Angeles.  Two quoted sentences are rife with powers of ten numbers: “The Broads are expected to spend between [...]

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What is 33 Years?

This is an image of the star Pollux, also called Beta Geminorum, taken by Nagano based photographer Yuugi Kitahara. Pollux is one of the twenty brightest stars in the night sky (it is also the nearest Giant star), but today we are considering it from the standpoint of distance.  Pollux is 33 light-years away from [...]

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How I selected just one of each

When thinking about what I wanted to select for my list of 10 (Materials) – 10 (Artists) – 10 (Works of art), I began with thinking about some favorite artists who work in traditional sculpture materials like bronze and marble. Isamu Noguchi could have his sculptures listed in many categories of materials from stone to [...]

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How much money do you have?

Yugoslavian Dinars….hard to believe that one of these is equal to ten of those….both are 10+08.  Both can be seen in the Powers of Ten exhibition at 850 Pico Blvd. in Santa Monica….

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  • Countdown to Powers of Ten Day

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