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today, August 21

Charles Eames June 17, 1907 – August 21, 1978 Ray Eames December 15, 1912 – August 21, 1988 10+1 years apart . . . to the day

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Love serendipity.  Was on Swiss Air skimming their inflight magazine’s article on “10+2 Years of Aviation in Switzerland”, and paused at the entry for 10/10/10.  (1910, that is.) To paraphrase: Ernest Failloubaz acquires the brevet no. 100 on 10/10/10 by flying for approximately 10+1 hour aboard a Bleriot XI (or 10+1 + 100), thereby setting a [...]

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Will the suburbs be in the shape of Tick Birds?

Well, I wouldn’t book my plane tickets yet, but it would be fun to fly over! More here in the article in The Independent. UPDATE: MSNBC has a shot of the whole rhino.

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Scale of the Tragedy In Pakistan

MSNBC’s photoblog puts together some devastating before and after pictures.  Hat tip to Steve Benen. 20%, 1/5 of the country, is underwater.

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Cosmic View

Charles and Ray Eames were thinking about scale and using the system of exponential powers to visualize and understand large quantities long before their magnum opus of 1977, Powers of Ten: A Film Dealing with the Relative Size of Things in the Universe, and the Effect of Adding Another Zero (the title says it all: [...]

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10 (Materials) – 10 (Sculptors) – 10 (Works of art)

10 materials                     10 sculptors                              10 works of art Marble                                Michelangelo                             Pieta Rondanini Bronze                                Henry Moore                              Family Group Clay                                     Pablo Picasso                              Pitcher (Nun & Faun) Wood                                  Louise Bourgeois                       Observer Ice                                       Andy Goldsworthy                    Ice Spiral Stainless Steel                 David Smith                                  Cubi Series Cement                               Isamu Noguchi                           History Mexico Steel                                    Deborah Butterfield                   Ferdinand Mud/rock                          Robert Smithson                       [...]

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Old Newfoundland

Walking along the East Coast Trail down Newfoundland’s Eastern Coast–the furthest east part of North America, one sees evidence of a collision between ancient continents, about 360 Million Years ago. That is 10+16 seconds ago. The view here encompasses about 10+3 meters of the shoreline–roughly a kilometer. Future posts will cover more about this exquisite land.

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Eames House: Stepping Back

Stepping back, we see our Roman numerals for what they are: X-trusses visible on the front of the Eames House (white) and Studio (blue).  There are actually only two, not three.  The change in scale lets us identify the objects–and notice that the two white X-trusses are actually the same: the left hand image is [...]

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A Sense of Scale

As a sculptor, when I hear about scale, I first think about studies of proportions, Leonardo da Vinci’s famous drawing Vitruvian Man perhaps the most iconic example. It is based on the ideal human proportions as described by the Roman architect Vitruvius, who believed the human figure to be the principal source of the aesthetics [...]

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  • Countdown to Powers of Ten Day

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