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Baseball, Arcs and Exponential Growth

On the homepage of the website, I have enjoyed scrolling through the different categories like Patterns, to look at the different examples and to think about where else one might see those same forms at different scales. While watching a lot of baseball, it has been fun to guess when the baseball is hit what [...]

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Scalestorming at the Library

Having the Powers of 10 presentation with IIDA at the San Francisco Main Library was a great reminder of what the possibilities are for what ALL libraries can be for a community whether a city or a school.  It was wonderful to talk to students, architects and interior designers about the projects of Charles & [...]

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Map of Powers of 10 events – San Francisco Main Library

Since the launch of 10/10/10, the last 10 days have been very exciting as more workshops and presentations about the importance of scale have been developing.  Scale is not precisely size, it is the relative size of things. Today we need to have a better understanding of scale if we are able to make better [...]

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Map of Powers of 10 events – Project H

In celebration of 10/10/10, Emily Pilloton and Matthew Miller (founders of Project H) showed the film and talked about scale to their group of students in North Carolina. “The film has become a staple in design education and in public education for its beautiful visual representation of all scales in our physical world.  We showed [...]

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Map of Powers of 10 events – DATS’ 10

In Winston-Salem, there was a Powers of Ten Day celebration  “Design, Art and Technology Symposium: Food for Thought” over the week-end (10/9/10 – 10/11/10).   There was a webcast of the entire symposium and it was also tweeting live @dats10. View Powers of 10 events in a larger map!

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Alex Funke Shoots the Globe

Eames Office staff members Alex Funke, assisted by Michael Weiner, shot Powers of Ten (1977), frame-by-frame, over the course of a year on a forty-foot-long animation stand. In the book, Powers of Ten: About the Relative Size of Things in the Universe (1982), by Philip Morrison and Phylis Morrison and the Office of Charles and [...]

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Mandelbrot and the question – How long is the coast of Britain?

For the Powers of Ten workshops, I have often shown the short film on fractals on the Scale is the New Geography DVD.   Sad news to read of the passing of Benoit Mandelbrot (the founder of fractal geometry) at the age of 85  in the New York Times.  His way of looking at things has [...]

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100 Million Sunflower Seeds

An installation at the Tate Modern of 100 million sunflower seeds–actually 100 million hand made porcelain sculptures of sunflower seeds. More soon.

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Powers of Ten of WOW!

It was an amazing Powers of Ten Day at the Eames Office, Eames House and around the world. Thanks to all who participated–there were about 50,000 viewings on YouTune alone. So, PLEASE: Tell us your stories. Send them to, or post comments here. PICTURES??? Then upload them to our Powers of Ten Day Celebration [...]

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More events for the world map!

Here are some more 10/10/10 events that have just been added to the world map – a blog of splash of milk, a picnic in Edinburgh, a dinner party in San Jose, a screening of the film at an off the grid farm in Costa Rica and raising a child. View Powers of 10 events [...]

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