A whole lot of popping going on!

This morning I was leafing through my latest issue of RealSimple and came across a number that, if I weren’t contributing to these Power of Ten blogs, I probably would not have stopped to ponder–let alone jumped up to research further!

Factoid: those of us in the U.S. consume 16 billion (1.6 x 10+10) quarts of popcorn each year or about 50 (5 x 10+01) quarts for every man, woman, and child!!!

That is 64 billion (6.4 x 10+10) cups of popcorn … or more than 3 trillion (3 x 10+12) calories … or more than 102 trillion (10+14) kernels of popcorn!

Speaking of calories, did you know that a large bucket of hot buttered popcorn has 1,650 (10+03) calories–depending on the amount of butter added!

Two hat tips: abridges01 for High speed video of popcorn kernel popping at 5400fps and www.popcorn.org

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