Finding Powers of 10 in designing a home

Recently Dan Gregory wrote in his Editor’s blog  Eye on Design at about ‘Powers of Ten for Rooms and Furniture’ and how the Powers of Ten film impacts home design.  From the biggest to the smallest decision in designing one’s home, it is not only each decision itself but also how all the decisions will work together that is important.

“The film is a useful way to think about home design: in other words, room size is always relative – both to other rooms in the home and to the elements within the room itself. As you explore our floor plans at note each room’s overall dimensions. See how key elements like windows, doors and the fireplace, for example, will affect your perception of scale and comfort – their sizes help you judge the size – and thus scale – of the room.”  He gives examples of a Sea Ranch cottage in California by William Turnbull, and ‘Double Cube Room’ in England by Inigo Jones, and how “furniture is a quick way to adjust a room’s sense of scale up or down.”

Thinking about one’s future home at different scales ahead of time can help prevent many headaches later.

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