GP38 “Toy Train” Version 10 -2.

Here we have another GP38 from my fleet. This particular version is in “O” scale or 1/48 of full size. On the scale still basically at 10-2 but almost twice the size of HO and four times the size of the N scale seen earlier. This particular model is made more for the play market hence the large space between the trucks and the body to allow for unrealistic swings of the trucks on sharp curves. Also the quite hefty handrails that are totally out of proportion for the size but neccesary to survive in the toy world.

Many details are reduced or eliminated in this model but the makers have taken advantage of the large body to include several lights – note the two red and two white lights just above the number boards. When properly set up, the red lights show on this end when the model is running forward and the white lights show when running in reverse. This is the back of the locomotive, but for this type of machine forward and reverse are equal in speed and power. That is why you see locomotives coupled together in 10-0 world without regard to direction. If you look closely at the frame on a 10-0 locomotive you will see a small “F” stenciled on the corner of the frame. That is the only way to know the “Front” or “Forward” direction of the unit.

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