Powers of 10 at the holidays!

During the holidays, having Powers of 10 in the house or for the road can be a great ice breaker!

After watching Powers of Ten, you can do all kinds of activities with just some paper and colorful pens.
1) Draw what you remember from the film.
2) Draw the biggest and smallest things that you can think of.

SB - 1

3) Pick an object like a car and think about it at different powers of ten.
For example,  draw the smaller parts like the nut and bolts that make the engine of the car and then draw how the car fits into the bigger context like in the garage – in the house – on the street – in the city.  Or think of a flower – draw the petals, leaves and stem, and then draw the flower in a field.

Now that you are starting to scalestorm – try looking at other things from different powers of ten!

MB - 1

4) Try writing an adventure story from the perspective of a ladybug under a leaf in the garden, or a giant juggling planets.
5) Make a passport of traveling through space.  Draw or describe what you would see from the nucleus of an atom to a molecule to a cell to human size to a city to a country to earth to our solar system to the stars to Milky Way to galaxy clusters to the universe!

Have a camera?
6) If you have digital camera, take close up photographs of details of an object, print them out. Make a guessing game of what the object is.
7) If you have a video camera, make a 2 minute video response to the film. Find out more details at Contest on the website.

Thinking about a special holiday?
8 Go around and ask for one big and one small thing that each person is thankful for and share the list at Thanksgiving dinner.
9) Make drawings of different powers of ten as ornaments to decorate the house or tree.
10) For New Year’s Eve, make a list of 10 resolutions to help the planet because one person can make a difference.  For examples, here are some amazing, inspiring people and groups honored by the Goldman Prize and by the Tech Awards.

Powers of 10 kit is a wonderful gift to send ahead or bring along to the party!

p10 KIT - contents

If you need the kit or some extra supplies like flipbooks or blank house of cards, you can order from the Eames Office.

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