7 billion people on Earth in 2011!


In the National Geographic magazine, the cover article is about how the global population is projected to reach 7 billion by 2011 then 8 billion by 2024 then 9 billion by 2045.  This rapid growth of global population has prompted many complicated concerns which are being discussed around the world about education, consumption of energy resources, poverty levels, and global health. Here are just 7 of the questions being discussed:

1) How much space does each person need?
2) How will this global issue affect each of us in our daily lives?
3) Will there be enough clean water  to go around?
4) How do we develop more renewable sources of building materials to construct homes and cities?
5) What is everyone going to eat?
6) What new renewable energy sources need to be developed?
7) What will the world look like in 2050?

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