What other planets could be out there like earth?


Yesterday during the LIFE show in the Planetarium at California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco, the narrator spoke of the exciting, new discovery of other possible worlds by the Kepler Telescope!

In Time online, there is an article titled ‘Kepler Finds a Swarm of New Worlds.’ At the top of the article, there is a diagram showing the relative size of earth to the other possible planets.  Earth looks like a very, very small dot in comparison!

“Kepler’s ultimate goal is to find a twin, in both size and in distance from its star, of Earth — an orbital sweet spot known as a star’s habitable zone. That’s because astronomers assume these are likeliest places for alien life to have taken hold. The telescope hasn’t quite done that yet, but the Kepler team has just announced a huge flock of candidate planets, pushing its total catch so far to more than 1,200. If they all indeed turn out to be planets, it will more than triple the number of known worlds orbiting distant stars — and that’s just in a tiny patch of sky, and relatively close to Earth.”

Hat tip to Dan Ostroff of Vintage Eames

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