Exploration of scale in Gus Arriola’s Gordo

Lucia Eames fondly remembers the wonder and delight in the brilliant Gus Arriola’s Gordo which was a favorite comic strip in the local St. Louis newspaper that she read daily with her father, Charles Eames.  The comic strip was later included in Charles & Ray Eames’ film,  The Fabulous Fifties.

In 1970, Arriola explored scale through the dog’s observation of the spider – which gave the spider a whole new and unexpected perspective!


NOTE:  Arriola often opened with a pun in the byline – in this case, signed ‘MIA LONE’.  More examples of the beautiful work by Gus Arriola can be found in his biography, The Accidental Ambassador and at the Bancroft Library in Berkeley, California.

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  1. Posted February 27, 2011 at 5:14 pm | Permalink

    Great Gordo cartoon!

    Here’s some more bug’s eye views, and smaller


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