Me, My Family and the Milky Way

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Currently at the Schulz Museum, there is an exhibition about siblings titled ‘The Browns & The Van Pelts: Siblings in Peanuts.’  (January 29 – June 19, 2011).  A powers of 10 workshop at the museum about family offered a chance to use scale as “an examination of scale, perspective and place in the world.”  At the beginning of the workshop, everyone received 4 pieces of blank paper, some pens and 2 random powers of ten (one positive power of ten and one negative power of ten).

Powers of Ten Workshop – Me, My Family, and the Milky Way (30 minutes)
- Talk about the importance of understanding scale because it impacts us every day.
- Think of some synonyms for big and small.
- Draw myself in the middle of a piece of paper or write ‘me’.  On one side, draw the biggest thing I can think of and on the other side, draw the smallest thing that I can think of.
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- Talk about a Peanuts family like the Browns (2 children – small vs. big) and Van Pelts (3 children – small vs. medium vs. big)
- How do I fit into my family? Draw myself in the middle and then all the members of my family.  Think of similarities and differences.
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How do I fit into my family, how does my family fit on earth, and then how does earth fit into the universe?
- Draw my family on earth.
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- Watch the film – Powers of Ten looking for the 2 random powers of ten.
- After watching the film, review what was seen along a scale line… Me, My Family, Neighborhood, City, United States, Earth, Solar System, Universe.
- Draw the two random powers of ten with me in the middle on one piece of paper.
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