89 (petals)

Have you tried A Google a Day? Every day there is a question and you will usually need a search engine for the Internet to figure out the answer.  A Google a Day is in some ways like Trivial Pursuit but more importantly it offers a chance to learn more about the world at many powers of 10 through small bite-sized pieces of information.  It is a place to start learning like walking through a giant library and glancing at shelves of books and seeing which one catches your eye to read first.

Question on 7/8/11: A daisy with 89 petals is an example of this mathematical set of numbers. Starting with 0, what is the 11th number in this series?

Hint: There was a television game show called Name That Tune in the 1970s where guests had to know a lot of music. The guests competed to see how few notes they needed to name that tune. There were sometimes clues in the questions.  How many times do you have to Google to find the answer to the 89 petals? It will depend on how many key words you enter in the search engine.

Answer: If you enter “daisy 89 petal series” then you will find out its the Fibonacci Series.  Then you can find out that in the Fibonacci Series, you add the 2 previous numbers together to get the next one.  The answer is 55.

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