90 (foot square)

“The ball field itself is a mystic creation, the Stonehenge of America.” – Roger Kahn in A Season in the Sun (1997) from the Baseball Almanac

Tonight is the All Star Baseball Game between the American League and the National League. 90 feet or 27.432 meters or (10+1)  is important in baseball.  Basically a baseball diamond is a 90 foot square!

“In the sport itself, the 90 feet to first remain the prime challenge for every man who steps to the plate. It is a tantalizing distance that takes even the fastest about 3.5 seconds to run—or just the time it takes for most balls hit to the infield to be fielded and thrown to first for a close play. So close are those plays that umpires use both sight and sound to arrive at a decision; they watch the runner’s feet and listen for the blunt slam of the ball in the first baseman’s glove.” Sports Illustrated’s Longest 90 Feet in Baseball.

“Ninety feet between home plate and first base may be the closest man has ever come to perfection.” – Red Smith

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