Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) was interested in developing ways for humans to be able travel through the air like a bird. He started to make drawings for an ornithopter about 1485.   The ornithopter is designed as a human powered machine whose wings flap like a bird or bat.  In NASA’s History of Flight, da Vinci’s 100 (10+2) drawings of the ornithopter are an important milestone.

Da Vinci also that year made a drawing for a parachute – four equilateral triangles making a pyramid.  Five hundred years (10+2) later, a Swiss base jumper made a successful jump in 2008 based on da Vinci’s design.  Olivier Vietti-Teppa jumped from a helicopter at 650 meters (10+2) and released the parachute at 600 meters to land at nearby Geneva.  In an interview with the Telegraph, Vietti-Teppa described how he had “tested his plan before the jump using a scale dummy model which was launched from a remote-controlled model helicopter.”

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