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80 Beats/Discover Magazine is an online blog of some exciting, unexpected developments in science including observations of wildlife and articles from science journals.  For example, I just learned that some dolphins protect their snouts with sponges when seeking fish in rocky areas.  And in order to stop blood-sucking, disease carrying mosquitoes, one solution being researched is to stop the mosquitoes from being able to digest blood.  Here are examples currently on the 80 Beats blogsite that I have placed at different powers of 10 – where the observations and notes are taken by the scientist who is doing the research.

Smart dolphins (100) and Ocean (10+4)
“Dolphins Protect Themselves With Sponges To Seek Out Bottom-Dwelling Fish”

Atomic level (10-14) and Earth (10+7)
“Nuclear Decay Beneath Your Feet Accounts For Half of Earth’s Output”

Genetics (10-8)
“Researchers Switch Off Gene in Mice to Switch on Endurance”
“With a Little Genetic Reprogramming, Bloodsucking Can Be Deadly for Mosquitoes”
“Scientists Uncover a New, Genetic Cause of Male Infertility – And It Appears to be Widespread”

Microchips (10-9)
“Digital Archeology Revives the Ancient Chip That Ran the First Nintendo”

Bacteria (10-6)
“Bacteria Use Limbs to Slingshot Themselves Across a Surface”

Animal (100) and Ecosystem (10+3)
“When Large Animals Disappear, Ecosystems are Hit Hard”

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  1. John Anderson
    Posted July 30, 2011 at 12:56 pm | Permalink

    80 Beats July 29 2011:

    The Egyptian piece has a horrible error. The writer places Egypt under Greek rule in the 300 AD period. The error occurs twice in the piece. The period of Greek rule occurs between Alexander’s conquest of 322 BC to the late 1st century BC when Roman rule commenced.

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