72 (ppi for posting an image on the web)

On a trip, you take many photographs (10+3) on your digital camera.  You can delete the bad ones (10+2) and download the good ones (10+2) onto your laptop.  Then you decide to post one image (100) on the web.

72 ppi (pixels per inch) is still the standard size for posting an image on the web.  If you decide to print the image, then you have to think about dpi (dots per inch).  The higher dpi settings on the printer then better printed image.

In the end, what actually makes a better printed image that can be both posted on the web or printed out for an album?  A digital camera that can capture many megapixels and then you can make the choice!

“A digital photograph is made up of millions of tiny dots called pixels. Many digital camera specifications mention the number of horizontal and vertical pixels that make up the digital photograph. For example, one camera might produce photos that are 2272 pixels wide and 1704 pixels tall (2272 x 1704). Another camera will produce an image that is 4492 x 3328.

“You can find out the number of megapixels by multiplying the horizontal and vertical pixels. In the first example, the camera captures about 3.9 megapixels (2272 x 1704 = 3,871,488). In the second example, the camera captures about 15 megapixels (4492 x 3328 = 14,949,376).”  That’s millions (10+6) of pixels!

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