(YSI) 63

“The YSI 63 measures pH, conductivity, salinity and temperature with a single probe to depths up to 100 feet.” (10+2)

As the use of natural resources like water continues to grow globally, YSI (Yellow Springs Instrument Company from Ohio) has developed more ways to monitor and analyze water quality in order to know what is exactly in it. Water may look fine but sometimes there are some dangers to small to see with the naked eye. Sometimes a little of something may be okay but too much could be lethal.  “During algal blooms, photosynthesis increases the water pH, especially in stagnant or slow-moving water.”  Then a change in pH can cause a change in toxic level of the ammonia. A careful balance has to be always maintained in order to avoid this domino effect.

Not all water is the same.  Where the water is found is very important.  They are many types – hydraulic fracturing, coastal, groundwater, drinking water, oceans, storm water, surface water, waste water and watersheds.  Here are some examples of what is being carefully and constantly monitored at several powers of 10 from 10-4 to 10-10 : ammonia, blue-green algae, chloride, chlorophyll, nitrate, rhodamine, and Photosynthetic Active Radiation (PAR).

Being aware of what is in our water at several powers of 10 helps protect one of our most important natural resources!

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