Your Morning Cup

My mother raised me to believe that coffee is the elixir of life. Apparently, the world is in agreement with her.

According to, as of 2011, coffee shops represent the largest growing segment of the restaurant business (they currently have an annual growth rate of 7%).

My Morning Cup

Around 115 million bags of coffee are produced each year (1.15 x 10+08), and on average, there are 1,800 whole and intact coffee beans in each 12-ounce bag (1.8 x 10+03).

Italians—who did not invent coffee, but arguably perfected it—sell 14 billion espressos every year (1.4 x 10+10) across more than 200,000 cafés (2 x 10+05).  But don’t discount Americans, because we love our caffeine fix too. In fact, we consume this beverage more than any other country in the world.  Including the “coffee” from our local gas station, roughly 100 million Americans drink 400 million cups every single day (4 x 10+08), or 146 billion cups each year (1.46 x 10+11).

The typical amount of caffeine in one cup of coffee is 1.4×10-04 kg.  While this may not seem like a significant amount, it can have a powerful punch.  If you usually enjoy an afternoon pick me up, unfortunately, it may affect your sleep pattern.  It only takes about 15 minutes (10+01) for caffeine to enter the bloodstream (10-04), but the body needs at least six hours to eliminate even half of it.  Some may find this news disappointing, but for those of us who didn’t get the “early riser” gene, let’s raise a cup to that.

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