Fog Rolling into Kaysville: 10-to-minus05

Fog in the meadow, Kaysville, Utah; December 5, 2010

A friend of mine has a house just outside of Salt Lake City in Kaysville, Utah.  The history of the people who lived there before her peel back in colorful layers dating back to the 1800s.  Outside her door, chickens lay eggs, dogs chase goats, and foliage rolls down a long, steep hill.

On this particular December evening, we’d entered a wonderland.  The base of the hill stretched into a wide meadow enveloped in fog.  The stream trickled quietly beneath the snow and the rusted swing set disappeared into the trees.  Every branch, every blade of grass was completely still.  The space felt womb-like and mysterious.  This was a 10-05-experience that I would never forget.

10 micrometers (10-05) is the average size of a single fog or mist droplet.  Which power of 10 do you think represents the total number of fog droplets in the meadow that dayor for that matter, all the world around?

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