My Realm 10-2

An SW1200 moving a boxcar.

An SW1200 moving a boxcar.

So here is my world and where my concentration on the Powers will fall – while not exact in the scale of things, I spend a lot of time thinking about and working in about 10-2of the real world. In my hobby world a 6 foot tall human is about 1.8cm.

Part of what we do is making things small look as real as possible – what do you think about the photo? Did you stop and wonder for a second or two if it was the real thing?

My plan is to show some of the tricks and techniques we use to fool the eye and create a world that is close to 10-2.

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  1. gen
    Posted July 30, 2010 at 12:05 pm | Permalink

    nice pic ric! i think i thought it was real for
    10-02 seconds.

    also, here are a couple of websites that might help everyone regarding html codes that will do things with fonts:

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