(Atomic number) 29 (Copper – Cu)

The name copper is derived from Latin word cuprium which refers to island of Cyprus where ore deposits were found thousands of years ago.  Common uses include coins, sculpture and conductor of electricity.

Melting point     1083 Celsius
Boiling point      2567 Celsius

Copper has 29 electrons and 29 protons.  “In nature it has two isotopes, 63 (69.09%), which has 29 electrons and protons and 34 neutrons, and 65 (30.91%), which has 29 electrons and protons and 36 neutrons. Brass and bronze are alloys of copper.”

Here is the description from Environmental Chemistry:

    Electron Configuration:
    1s2 2s2p6 3s2p6d10 4s1

    Electrons per Energy Level: 2,8,18,1

    Shell Model
    graphic of Copper's shell model

Powers of 10 project is to draw the atomic structures of copper (atomic number 29) and iron (atomic number 26) and then compare with alloys like brass, bronze, steel, and stainless steel.

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