3 (00 million meters per second)

What moves at 300 million meters per second?  That’s the speed of light!

From Wynne Parry’s “Why The Speed of Light Matters” in Live Science
speeding through tunnel

Credit: Willem Dijkstra, Shutterstock

Einstein’s theory of special relativity sets of the speed of light, 186,000 miles
per second (300 million meters per second), as a cosmic speed limit.
Some researchers think they may have broken this limit, and the implications
are mind bending.

“When physicists announced last week that they had detected subatomic particles, called neutrinos, that appeared to be traveling faster than the speed of light, it seemed to be an exception to a cosmic speed limit set by Albert Einstein’s special theory of relativity.

“Einstein’s theory, which he proposed in 1905, describes the relativity of motion, particularly the motion of anything moving at or close to the speed of light. At the time, people believed that light waves, just as sound waves, ocean waves or shock waves, had to travel through a medium. But rather than air, water or ground, they believed light waves traveled through a substance called ether, less tangible than air, that pervaded the universe.

“Scientists assumed that the laws of physics would be different for an object at rest with respect to the ether, and with the proper experiments it would be possible to figure out what was truly at rest, according to Peter Galison, a professor of physics and the history of science at Harvard University.”

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