Build your own powers of 10 scale line

Information overload?!?  Not if you have a powers of 10 scale line…

Sometimes it is difficult to grasp the significance of the numbers that we read about.  We don’t know which ones are important.  My 100 day countdown to 10/10/11 is a scrapbook of numbers that surround us everyday.   The scrapbook is a way to start to putting them into the context of powers of 10 at the human scale.

I found that sometimes some numbers were saying similar things but in different ways.  Or sometimes with lists of numbers like SI derived units, each number is significant in various ways whether for chemists, physicists, astronomers, mathematician…  Billions and billions?  Of what?  Carbon atoms – not a problem.  Population on earth – bigger concern.  This led to thinking about  tipping points.

A scale line can help with problem solving – are you looking at just a symptom, or do you need to move to a larger powers of 10 to see the whole problem?  See connections and start scalestorming!  This countdown scrapbook can also be a  helpful tool for teachers to use as a starting point to make a scale line for the classroom.

Build your own powers of 10 scale line!

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