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On March 22, 2012, people across the globe celebrated World Water Day.  Below are some interesting water facts from PBS.org and treehugger.com.

2.2 million (10+06) people die every year from diseases related to unsafe drinking water.

On average, humans consume 16,000 gallons (10+04) of water in a lifetime–that’s 256,000 8oz glasses (10+05).

The surface area of the Earth is 5.1006 x 10+08 km2.  70% of Earth is covered by water, but only 2.5% of that is fresh water while the other 97.5% is salt water. 

1.2 billion people (10+09) don’t have access safe drinking water and half the world’s population is without adequate water purification systems.

500,000 tons (10+05) of pollutants enter U.S. lakes and rivers every single day.  That’s 365 billion pounds (10+11) each year.

Out of 191 of our world’s nations, 10 of them share 65% of the world’s annual water resources.  Americans take the cake, using 2,500 cubic liters of water each year, or double the world’s average.  That is enough water to fill an Olympic-sized swimming pool for each and every one of us.

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