Big Daddy Dune

Big Daddy Dune, Namibia

This is the Big Daddy Dune, said to be the tallest in the world (but there is some competition, naturally, for that title. In any event it 383 meters (nearly a quarter mile in height) above the clay pans around its base. That makes it an extremely robust 10+2!

This dune is in the Namib Desert, near Sossusvlei, Namibia. There are many Powers of Ten hidden in this image, but for now, I will share just one: the way the heat and dryness of the desert stretches the scales of time.

Big Daddy Dune over looks a place called Dead Vlei. You can run down the dune directly into it.
When the Tsauchab River flooded, the silt flooded this little valley in the dunes, engulfing these trees and the heat pounded that silt into hard clay.

When you look at the trapped trees, they look no different than a tree that died a few weeks ago–but this flood happened about 900 years ago–almost 10+3 years ago.

Dead Vlei, Namibia

Dead Vlei, Namibia

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