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Happy Powers of Ten Day! In this universe of continuity and change, of everyday picnics and cosmic mystery, consider all that is around you on scales both large and small!

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62 (degree egg)

The 62 degree (Fahrenheit) egg has become popular with some chefs – the egg being cooked more slowly at a lower temperature creates a different texture in the egg.  And it reminds me of the delicious dishes that Kai Loebach created for the celebration of 10/10/10 at the Eames House – where he created food [...]

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More events for the world map!

Here are some more 10/10/10 events that have just been added to the world map – a blog of splash of milk, a picnic in Edinburgh, a dinner party in San Jose, a screening of the film at an off the grid farm in Costa Rica and raising a child. View Powers of 10 events [...]

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  • Countdown to Powers of Ten Day

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