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Happy Powers of Ten Day! In this universe of continuity and change, of everyday picnics and cosmic mystery, consider all that is around you on scales both large and small!

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DVDs–(10+02) x 2

Countdown speeds ever faster to the day after tomorrow: 10/10/10. An Eames great-grandson bravely attacks the task of stuffing 100 (10+02) goodie bags. Each one includes a pair of DVDs (Powers of Ten and Scale is the New Geography) that we are urging the 100 attendees at our Eames House Fundraiser (on the evening of [...]

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Eames House: Welcome to 10/10/10

Charles and Ray Eameses’ iconic home and studio is their deeply personal solution to the challenge thrown down by John Entenza and his Case Study program: How to create a house for modern needs, using modern materials and practices… Their 1949 solution was elegantly simple, and effortlessly timeless. Having lived in the Studio for one [...]

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