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Surviving on Volcanic Gas

Discovery News reports that “Wisps of volcanic gas, rather than photosynthesis, may energize rare microbes eking out an existence on the Martian-like flanks of the tallest volcanoes in South America’s Atacama Desert. This newly discovered handful of bacteria, fungi and rudimentary organisms called archaea [roughly 80 micrometers, or 10-5 meters in diameter and 200-600 micrometers, [...]

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100-Million-Year-Old Spider Attack

Discovery News recently reported on the discovery a 100-million-year-old spider attack in which both predator and prey are fossilized in amber: “The piece of amber, which contains 15 [10+01] intact strands of spider silk, provides the first fossil evidence of such an assault, the researchers said. It was excavated in a Burmese mine and dates [...]

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The 100 million-year-long Nap

Bacteria microbes that are 10-06 meters long and freezing away on the bottom of the Arctic Ocean floor may actually thrive best in hot temperatures that would put the health of most human beings at extreme risk.  According to a new study, while these tiny bugs lie dormant now, they will likely wait for up [...]

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