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Bubbles on Members Appreciation Day

Each year on Members Appreciation Day, the Eames Foundation invites its members to experience the Eames House in a special and unique way.  It’s an opportunity to experience the House as a guest, take an interior guided tour, enjoy a delicious lunch and participate in a variety of activities. On Members Appreciation Day this past [...]

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62 (degree egg)

The 62 degree (Fahrenheit) egg has become popular with some chefs – the egg being cooked more slowly at a lower temperature creates a different texture in the egg.  And it reminds me of the delicious dishes that Kai Loebach created for the celebration of 10/10/10 at the Eames House – where he created food [...]

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DVDs–(10+02) x 2

Countdown speeds ever faster to the day after tomorrow: 10/10/10. An Eames great-grandson bravely attacks the task of stuffing 100 (10+02) goodie bags. Each one includes a pair of DVDs (Powers of Ten and Scale is the New Geography) that we are urging the 100 attendees at our Eames House Fundraiser (on the evening of [...]

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Map of Powers of 10 events – Second Annual Charles & Ray Eames Foundation Fundraiser

Enjoy an explosion of scale inspired by the Eameses’ film classic Powers of Ten on 10/10/10 at the second annual Charles & Ray Eames Foundation Fundraiser… and help preserve the Eames House for the next 7 generations… no, let’s make it 10! Sunday, October 10, 2010 from 5:00 PM—10:00 PM Start with the Micro of [...]

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What is 33 Years?

This is an image of the star Pollux, also called Beta Geminorum, taken by Nagano based photographer Yuugi Kitahara. Pollux is one of the twenty brightest stars in the night sky (it is also the nearest Giant star), but today we are considering it from the standpoint of distance.  Pollux is 33 light-years away from [...]

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Eames House: Stepping Back

Stepping back, we see our Roman numerals for what they are: X-trusses visible on the front of the Eames House (white) and Studio (blue).  There are actually only two, not three.  The change in scale lets us identify the objects–and notice that the two white X-trusses are actually the same: the left hand image is [...]

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Eames House: Welcome to 10/10/10

Charles and Ray Eameses’ iconic home and studio is their deeply personal solution to the challenge thrown down by John Entenza and his Case Study program: How to create a house for modern needs, using modern materials and practices… Their 1949 solution was elegantly simple, and effortlessly timeless. Having lived in the Studio for one [...]

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  • Countdown to Powers of Ten Day

    • 10/10/10 2985 days ago