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49 (ers)

The Gold Rush drew a massive global migration to California in 1849.  Those seekers were called 49ers. For a Powers of 10 project, you could make a global map that showed the vast distances people traveled to get to California.  You could focus on San Francisco and see how the city changed in population, and [...]

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6 winners of the annual Goldman Prize which honors individuals who help protect the environment, and demonstrate how one person can make a big difference! “If you look around and see a problem, and no one else is doing anything about it – you’re elected.” ~ Nick Carter, Goldman Prize Recipient “The Goldman Prize continues [...]

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Map of Powers of 10 events – Boulder, CO

Powers of Ten: Action in Architecture from Small to Large A presentation about climate change and environmental stewardship will be presented by Barrett Studio and will also be a 350.org Global Workshop. View Powers of 10 events in a larger map.

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10 Benefits of Trees

Trees combact greenhouse effect Trees clean air Trees provide oxygen Trees cool the streets and the city Trees conserve energy Trees save water Trees help prevent water pollution Trees help prevent soil erosion Trees provide food Trees mark seasons http://www.treepeople.org The Eames office will donate our collection of pennies, (106 Pennies) to the TreePeople.

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  • Countdown to Powers of Ten Day

    • 10/10/10 2935 days ago