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GP38 “Toy Train” Version 10 -2.

Here we have another GP38 from my fleet. This particular version is in “O” scale or 1/48 of full size. On the scale still basically at 10-2 but almost twice the size of HO and four times the size of the N scale seen earlier. This particular model is made more for the play market hence [...]

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10-2 Railroading

Here is another GP38 From my fleet. As the scale gets smaller – still in the range of 10-2 but now 160 th real size a problem of scale starts to really show up. Look at the size of the handrails! On a full scale version those handrails would be about 6″ across clearly a [...]

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Model Railroading 10-0

Here is railroading at 10-0. This is an example of a GP38 locomotive – some basic facts: 4 axles on the rails 16 clinders in the prime mover (railroad speak for the diesel engine) 706 Examples built by General Electric Locomotive Division 2,000 Horsepower 58,000 lbs of pulling force 250,000 lbs average unit weight. A massive [...]

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My Realm 10-2

So here is my world and where my concentration on the Powers will fall – while not exact in the scale of things, I spend a lot of time thinking about and working in about 10-2of the real world. In my hobby world a 6 foot tall human is about 1.8cm. Part of what we do [...]

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  • Countdown to Powers of Ten Day

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